Final paper submission instructions

Final versions of accepted papers must be uploaded to EDAS for inclusion in the conference proceedings and to be submitted to IEEE Xplore®. The deadline is 25 January 2020.

IEEE PDF eXpress

Use IEEE PDF eXpress to check if your paper is Xplore compatible. PDF eXpress instructions: The PDF eXpress website can be found at, and the conference ID for DRCN 2020 is 48652X.

Register for the Conference

The presenting author must register for the conference. Note that even if the presenter is a student, he/she must pay a Full Registration. The paper must be presented by an author of the paper at the conference.

For conference registration, please go to the Registration page of the DRCN 2020 website and follow the instructions. Use the EDAS paper number as “Paper ID” in the Registration form.

After completing your registration, you will receive an email with your payment order number: “DRCN2020-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX“.  Once you get the payment order number, you have to copy it in the EDAS field called “Registration code”; you will need to use it to upload your paper into EDAS.

Submit your Paper

Your final paper must be submitted no later than 25 January 2020  in order to be included in the conference proceedings.  Papers should be maximum 6 page long and minimum 4 page long, including tables, figures and references. Accepted papers longer than 6 pages will be charged 100€ for each extra page. Papers cannot be longer than 8 pages.

Payment for additional pages must be made via the following link:

To submit your Final paper, please go to EDAS, click on the “My Papers” button, and then upload your paper on the link provided.

If you experience any problems during the upload process of your paper on EDAS, please contact